Watch this space for more information throughout the year for our launch date of Q4 2016

SeaCloud is an independent platform of choice for the maritime industry, enabling the various counterparties to spot fix and trade on an exchange platform. SeaCloud has not been designed to define new industry standards, but to allow the existing players to conduct business whilst on the move through a unique exchange platform.

Initially, SeaCloud will accommodate spot fixtures with links and partnerships setup within one click to the provider, for example hedging on the FFA market. Access to the SeaCloud platform will be a member subscription service, tailored to the member's business size and their area of expertise.

Seacloud's industry partnerships allow the members to define their specific transparency exposure, avoiding reliance on just market sentiment to negotiate a deal and providing the ability to understand and react to the actual active trading regions and real-time price. Seacloud's online exchange platform will allow businesses to visualise achievable spot rates / deals in a real time basis whilst leveraging third party market information.

The ability to offer rates with multiple time validity options means that members are not tied to the traditional fixing methods and, chartering teams can leverage this information outside of the platform if they wish to remain private.